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©Crazy Flowers Background

©Susan's Graphic Boutique

Patches aka Suzy-Q

December 18, 2001 1:00 am © Susan's Graphic Boutique

No portion of this tutorial nor its files or images may be copied and posted elsewhere, sent through group lists, emails, or AOL. You may use a text link only! This is my own creation, any similarities to any other tutorial on the Internet are unintentional. 
All rights are reserved Susan's Graphic Boutique©  

This is a graphics intensive site, as I like to make sure you can see the examples.

Please take a moment and drop me a line if you send this tutorial URL to any of your graphic lists, and I thank you for the compliment in wanting to do so.  I please ask that you give me credit for writing it.  Thank you. 

My DSB Flux Center tile plugin is Here

I was doing PatK's Plaid and Petal's Tutorial Here 

 I would suggest you do her's first so that you will have the nice tiles to get started on.  I had  completed the tutorial and was getting ready to close down PSP when I took a second look at my presentation.  I just can't not play with everything I do, so here's what I came up with.  This is what I used to present to the class and as the original to this tutorial.  You may right click on this and then hit copy, then paste as new image in psp.

I left this whole image intact.  Then I took the image into PSP, Effects, Reflections then Kaleidoscope with these settings.

After this step I went into Effects, DSB Flux, Center Mirror, with these settings.

I then took this image into Kaleidoscope again with the same settings as above.

And there you have it, this Crazy Flower Background.  Patches and I thank you for stopping by and trying my tutorial.  Here are some samples I made to give you some other ideas.  It's always fun to play with the PSP Kaleidoscope settings and you can come up with so many different looks.