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Bakery Shoppe Memories Cookbook

Suzy-Q Lewis

Bakery-Shoppe Memories is the first-ever email list cookbook.  It is 416
pages, 7 x 9 inches, professionally bound (no spiral), with a full color
cover, a 16 page index and over 1200 recipes, illustrated throughout with
Victorian cherubs.  All the recipes are tried and true, accumulated over the first two years of the Bakery-Shoppe email list's existence from a
membership that spans the entire world.  Many of the recipes are handed down family treasures, which are shared along with stories that make them even more special. We have some really great writers on our list, and they have contributed our very moving Introduction, Dedication and Chapter Intros.

Our Seafood section is introduced by our cat Twinky! Humor, art, goosebumps and good eating all combine to create a cookbook that is like no other. Here are some of the early cookbook reviews:

"Wow!  I received my book last night when I came home from work.   You ladies did an awsome job.  Any chance there are more left to order?"

"theycametheycametheycame!  I mean, yes, I did work on it, but the finished product is such a delight it is like a whole new experience seeing in print what was once an ethereal electrical message.  And it truly is a most beautiful job.  I got them at 2 this afternoon and had to sit down and read it all before I could write in (not all the recipes, I'm not THAT fast a reader - but all the notes that people put in with their recipes, the divider pages and I just loved it all.  I mean, no other cookbook like this exists!  It unites so many people from so many places in such a professional manner.  And I loved reading about the potluck again...we must do it again soon you know!"

"Because of the holidays and being gone I haven't had a chance to thank
everyone associated with putting the cookbooks together, etc. They are
wonderful!!!! Thank you so much. Everyone I gave one to thought they were wonderful and unique."

"I got the cookbook today! I LOVE IT!"

"I too loved the cookbook.  I received mine Friday, and the first thing I
read were the dedications and intro for all involved.  I was touched by the stories about the people involved.  I truly feel fortunate to be a member here and have such warm friends here."

"I just received my cookbooks and they are WONDERFUL!  Had no idea they would turn out this great. "

"I just got my cookbook in the mail this morning, what a fantastic looking book, someone said it belonged on the shelf at a book store, I
wholeheartedly agree. What a great job guys and thanks to all the people who participated by sending in recipes this is a great book to keep and treasure."

"I know you can't love an inanimate object, BUT  I love my cook book that arrived today.  Thank you very, very much.  I appreciate all the  work that went into producing such a wonderful book."

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the ladies responsible
for the cookbook. It is wonderful and you did an excellent job!  I've read
through it once and now I'm ready to go through it again.  I loved all the
memories and seeing names I know. I hope someday the bakery-shoppe can do another cookbook.  It is my favorite cookbook! Thanks again for all your hard work!"

"Thanks everyone, now I've got to go mark all these great recipes in the
cookbook to try! :-) Maybe I should just start on the first page and cook my way through the book. :-) I'm really enjoying it, sounds like everyone else is too."

"I finally got my book. It is beautiful. It is so professional looking. No
one would know that it was from a mailing list on the computer. You guys did a fantastic job!! Kudos all around!"

"I got mine today too and it is WONDERFUL!!  Great job everyone who worked on it!  I can't wait to read the whole thing!!"

"Hey, y'all! I got MY cookbook today. I had expected the quality of the
cookbook, but I hadn't expected to see ME in there.:D What a
JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how gratifying it was to see that my
cookbook collection for Suzy's birthday was in there, or that my
contribution for the potluck a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago was in there.:) Thank you, EVERYONE, for contributions, working on the finished thing, the blood, sweat, laughs and tears that went into it.:) I LOVE IT!!!:)"

"I ordered 2 at first. 1 for me and 1 for DD. Then when my brother saw the book he said " I want one too!" So I ordered a third one for him, which came in the mail yesterday. A wonderful book."

"I tried the recipe for Caramel Pecan Cheesecake on page 239.  I made this as one of my Christmas desserts--very yummy and easy to put together.  This weekend I plan to make the Chalupas.  I have to say again this is a great cookbook--good reading, good recipes!!"

"I've tried the Celery Hot Dish on page 121 from Billy Baker.  There was definitely no left overs & also have it marked with a sticky note to do

"Page 317 has a Corn Casserole recipe that is wonderful!! I have made it
several times and I always get raves from my family!!!"

"Well, here I am with two more reviews from that great cookbook! I fixed them both tonight and they were great.  First was Dickens Wall's Perfect Rice submitted by Chet Beckwith. The only thing I can say about this rice is that it is PERFECT! (and easy to fix) Anytime you need fluffy, separate rice, this is the recipe to use. The next was for the Beef Stroganoff submitted by Kay Talbott. It was good and very easy."

"I made the Stove Top Stuffing Meatloaf  (on page 111); just this past
week-end. My family loves it!! "

The cookbooks are $15 a piece plus
postage:  $3.20 for priority mail, $2.38  for book rate.  US rates

Mail to:
Susan Lewis
POB 320171
Cocoa Beach, FL 32932

Thanks for your order, I'm sure you will enjoy it.  Everyone who has one has been  very pleased!

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